Presented by Aite Group:
Personal Financial Management: A Platform for Customer Engagement

Learn why personal financial management (PFM) is such a hot topic for 2010. This whitepaper discusses the "perfect storm" of three trends and factors that make PFM a must have for any Financial Institution.
  • The state of the economy has forced people to become a lot more disciplined about managing their finances;
  • The Internet has made it easier than ever to get data into PFM tools; and
  • Gen Yers are more involved in managing their financial lives than previous generations were at Gen Yers' age.
What’s more, Aite looked at how PFM usage shapes people’s attitudes and behaviors. Key findings conclude that PFM users:
  • 30% less likely to close accounts
  • 17% higher balances
  • 16% more likely to purchase other products
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