Increase deposits, reduce abandonment with Instant Account Verification

Consumers today overwhelmingly choose to “instantly” verify their accounts for faster, safer online transactions.  At a time when consumers expect to open and fund accounts at will and quickly, can your Financial Institution meet consumers needs and capture those deposits while decreasing risk in the account opening process? 

Yodlee has verified more than 15 Million accounts, reducing both abandonment and potential fraud in online transactions, including account openings, funds transfers, and online purchases and P2P transactions.

Yodlee’s patented and unique account verification technology instantly verifies and identifies accounts, account holders, and account balances in real-time to increase deposits, reduce abandonment, and lower risk from both internal and external sources.
Join Yodlee for a webinar on April 20, 2010 and learn about Yodlee AccountVerification and how it is helping institutions to:   

•    Reduce drop-offs with same-session account verification
•    Enhance account validation requirements
•    Increase customer transactions
•    Reduce fraud and risk

Register below.
April 20, 2010

11:00AM PDT
2:00PM EDT

Eric Connors
Vice President, Yodlee Products

Ray Schachle
General Manager, Yodlee Customer Acquisition Suite

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